Patricia Lynn McConnell holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Related Technologies from San Diego State University; she also holds a lifetime teaching credential.  She has taught at a Private College in Montana, and was a school principal of a private school in San Marcos, Calif. Since those days she has helped run a jewelry store for many years in San Marcos, Calif. and recently opened her own shop in Julian, California

At her shop, called the JULIAN JEWEL BOX, she sells vintage and estate jewelry, besides creating her own personal line of silver jewelry. In addition to jewelry making, she creates stained glass windows, paints large murals at local restaurants (and she still carves out a wood cedar mantel or two a year just for fun).

Patricia believes that to be really good at a profession such diverse, creative and competitive as the art field, you must stay fresh and creative by working with different mediums to keep your mind clear and active.

I have watched artists get stale and repetitive, by working ideas to death - just to create a style to be known by

This philosophy can really hurt an artist’s creative imagination; she/he usually gets stuck in the same old routine in order to be recognized by buyer for the artist’s particular style. Louis Comfort Tiffany thought the way Patricia does: working in different medium, with new materials, will give the artist fresh ideas how to incorporate a new techniques and methods into his art.

Patricia McConnell wants to be challenged with jewelry, so she pushes the limits; making each custom order unique and one of a kind.  The addition of rare stones and gemstones to her jewelry adds unique and personal touch to the final product.  She designed a new line of jewelry with an equestrian theme, using a druzy stones and some interesting gold elements.

It should be noted that Patricia has sold her work in the USA and in Europe. At her last show in Las Vegas (2013 Country Cowboy Christmas Show) - over 5000 people per day saw her work on display.

Small, but important note about the town of Julian, California. The town of Julian is well known worldwide (we have calculated that at least 80 countries are represented each year by our tourists).  The main reason for the popularity of the town is knowledge of its history. In the late 1800's, Julian was a prosperous gold mining town; unfortunately, after 10 years or so, the gold became more difficult to mine and most of the 1200 miners had to leave the town. It was around the year 1890, and the few ranchers and farmers, who stayed behind, had to fend for themselves and so they did and with a great success. In the early 1900’s, one of the products of their labor, the Gravenstein apple, won a prize at the world’s fair, held on the East coast of the USA.  The town's annual Apple Festival attracts folks from all parts of California in October.